Penerapan Teknologi Geopolimer Berbasis Limbah Fly Ash Dalam Konstruksi Non Struktural

Fazliah Fazliah


The decorative panel is a material product in the non-structural construction that is used as the art to beauty in the building. Generally, the decorative panel found in the market was prepared by mixing cement and glass fiber that caused an increase in production cost. This study investigated the decorative panel product using the technology of geopolymer that utilized the waste material of industry (fly ash nagan raya) as a base material. However, the alkaline solution was required to react to the chemical content of Si, Al, and Ca that is in the fly ash nagan raya to form the gel in the binder. The results show that the material of fly ash was rich in the content of SiO2, Al2O3, and CaO about 37.16%, 17.61%, and 8.72%, respectively. The analysis of XRD showed that the material of fly ash consisted of quartz, mullite, and hematite. The analysis of SEM showed that the particle of fly ash has the surface of a sphere, amorphous and misty. The surface of misty in the particle of fly ash caused the loss of workability. Furthermore, the chemical content of CaO was in the moderate calcium content that provided the setting time of 4.5 to 6 hours, whereas the chemical content of SiO3 and Al2O3 reacted with an alkaline solution to generate the gel of Si-O-Si and Si-O-Al that contribute to the compressive strength about 23 MPa at 28 days.

Kata Kunci

Decoration panel; geopolymer; fly ash Nagan Raya; SEM; XRD

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