Perancangan Monitoring Operasional Motor Induksi 3 Fasa dengan Menggunakan Supervisory Control and Data Aqcuisition( SCADA)

Muhaimin Muhaimin


Application of three-phase induction motors in the industrial world with the consideration that this motor is simple, inexpensive and easy to maintain. The use of induction motors requires the process of regulating the motor rotation quickly caused by changes in load. Problems occur when a process in the industry requires a fast response to situations or changes that occur in the field.
Humans actually have limitations to conduct monitoring, supervision and control activities simultaneously. SCADA is a solution made by humans to overcome these problems that occur in industry. Monitoring the rotor rotation, is needed to see changes mechanically and electrically. Simulation to monitor changes in the speed of the induction motor rotor is designed to see the response due to changes in the frequency of 3 phase source voltage to the operation of the induction motor using SCADA software. The monitoring method has the advantage of ease of speed regulation of three-phase induction motors. The monitoring process is carried out by controlling changes in the frequency of the source voltage. Induction motor voltage frequency adjustment can be done using an inverter. The inverter converts a 3 phase AC voltage source that has a constant 50 Hz frequency to a 3 phase AC voltage source whose frequency can be set between 20 - 50 Hz. In this study the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) program which is used as a speed controller for threephase induction motors via an inverter. Monitoring is carried out with SCADA software at controlled Frequency values ranging from 20 Hz to 50 Hz and the resulting rotation is 593 Rpm to 1500 Rpm according to the generator load speed. The greater the frequency data set, the induction motor rotation speed will change faster. The monitoring results show accuracy reaches > 90% of measurement results.


Kata Kunci

induction motor; frequency; SCADA; PLC


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