Pemanfaatan Transmission Window pada Transmission Control Protocol untuk Efisiensi Konsumsi Energi Perangkat Komunikasi Bergerak dalam Mentransmisikan Data Video

Fakhrur Razi, Ipan Suandi, Fahmi Fahmi, Yaman Yaman


The efficiency of energy consumption of mobile communication devices becomes very important, considering the development of mobile device technology is starting to lead to smaller dimensions and making applications that are fast, connected and efficient. Efficiency of energy consumption steps can be taken at various layers of the mobile communication network architecture. This study focuses on examining the energy consumption of mobile devices in terms of the characteristics of the transmission control protocol, in this case the transmission window. The transmission window in the transport layer protocol is used for the flow control mechanism to avoid sending the data from sending too fast to the recipient. To be able to analyze the effect of the transmission window on energy
consumption in mobile communication devices, it is necessary to experiment with the transmission of mobile data using the TCP protocol. Because the video requires intensive delivery, the video is the traffic that is being reviewed. The video data packages that are transmitted are evaluated, both the delay parameters and the quality of the video reconstruction. Energy consumption is measured based on the amount of energy per package and the total amount of energy. The results showed that, the TCP protocol consumes energy and has a relatively large delay to transmit all video data from server to client. However, the TCP protocol is able to transmit data at the same time as the capacity of the transmission window. The higher size of the transmission window, which indicates the higher available bandwidth, the more packets sent, the higher efficiency of energy use. The average number of packages per transmission
window in this study was 28.88 packages. Conversely, the higher transmission window size, tends of delay to be higher too.

Kata Kunci

energy consumption; transmission window; TCP protocol; video data; delay


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