Perencanaan Gelagar Beton Prategang Pada Jembatan Rayeuk Kareung Kecamatan Blang Mangat Kota Lhokseumawe

Rizka Widayanti, Herri Mahyar, Syukri Syukri


The bridge of Rayeuk Kareung is in Blang Mangat District, Lhokseumawe, Acheh. The bridge was designed by the length of 22.60 m and the width of 8 m which used the prestress concrete in the girder. The scope of the girder design includes the size of the cross-section, number of strands and tendons, tension control, loss of prestressing force, ultimate moment capacity and deflection. The bridge was categorized as the class of A with a traffic width of 7 m and a sidewalk width of 2 x 0,5 m. The load was analyzed by the standard of SNI 1725:2016 and the next concrete designed by the use of a post-tension system. The result designed that the girder height was 1.25 m with 3 tendons consisting of 37 strands. The first and second tendons consist of 9 strands and the third tendon consists of 19 strands. The percentage of prestress’s losses was 24.92% and the maximum deflection of the load was 0.010 m.

Keywords: girder, prestress, strands, tendon.

Kata Kunci

girder, prestress, strands, tendon

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