Portal: Jurnal Teknik Sipil

P-ISSN: 2085-7454

E-ISSN: 2622-576X

DOI : 10.30811/portal

PORTAL: Journal of Civil Engineering is a national scientific periodical journal published by the Civil Engineering Department of the Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic as a forum for disseminating research results in the field of Civil Engineering for Lecturers, Practitioners and Students. Portal published 2 (two) times a year, namely in FebruaryApril and October - Desember. Published printed and Full Online versions through the OJS platform-based website.

Every submitted article must follow TEMPLATE provided by the journal, and be written in Indonesian or English. Articles must also be in accordance with Focus & Scope journals. The editor will screan the plagiarism of the article and assign the reviewer to do the review process before it is published, if your article is accepted it will go into the editing, layout, and finalization of the article.

The author can send articles through the ONLINE SUBMISSION menu by doing REGISTRATION first by clicking REGISTER.

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Vol 15, No 2 (2023): October Edition

Table of Contents

Ervita Eka Maulina, I Ketut Hendra Wiryasuta, Megalita Rodiyani
1 - 11
Barem Talang Rasa, Krisna Dwi Handayani
12 - 19
Dino Rayono, Nurani Hartatik, Aditya Rizkiardi
20 - 24
I Gusti Agung Ananda Putra
25 - 30
Mirza Fahmi, Edi Majuar, Muhammad Reza, Erna Yusniyanti, Syarwan Syarwan, Iskandar Iskandar
31 - 35
Tursina Tursina, Mirza Fahmi, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Fachrurrazi Fachrurrazi, Musa Al’ala
36 - 46
Elysia Stavia Santa Putri, I Ketut Hendra Wiryasuta, Muhammad Hilmy
47 - 53
I Ketut Hendra Wiryasuta, Enes Ariyanto Sandi, Deva Varicatussholeha
54 - 62
Subrata Aditama Kittie Aidon Uda, Saritha Kittie Uda, Devia Devia
63 - 68
Imran Imran, Aqilah Attamimi, Fajri Fajri
69 - 75
Kartika Hapsari Sutantiningrum, Devi Megarusti Pratiwi, Muhtarom Riyadi
76 - 82
Alfandi Alfandi, Michella Beatrix
83 - 88
Muhammad Yusuf Mahendra, Wateno Oetomo
89 - 101