Accreditation: SINTA-2

Recently, Polimesin is accredited as the SINTA-2. From now, It is on the board of few prestigious journasl in the Indonesian government indexing body, called SINTA (Science and Technology Index). Briefly, SINTA is a program under the education and culture ministry to encourage scientific publication in Indonesia, especially in a Journal.

Polimesin has a short journey to be on the high board. On April 13th, 2019, Polimesin got the 1st index in SINTA-4. By the Achievement, It is has been a sufficient reward for us, after the ISSN online version in 2017 was established. Then, the editor seriously acquired a better position. So, in the 2nd attempt was reaccredited on January 13th, 2020. But, the effort was only granted the same position, as SINTA 4. Striving for excellent, in the 3rd effort, On July 5th, 2020, after much improvement and revision in all the journal accreditation criteria and the website appearance, we did again a reaccreditation. Unfortunately, when the assessor accessed our website, our website server that is managed by the institution was down. So, the decision was still at the Sinta-4.

Believing in our capacity in comparison to the other journal under the SINTA index, we do the 3rd reaccreditation effort. Fortunately, on December, 29th 2021, it has been accredited as SINTA-2 by a decree number: No: 158/E/KP/2021.

As the Editorial team always perceives that a success story has been an involvement many components in the publication process: authors, readers, reviewers, and editors. Last but not least, Lhokseumawe State Polytechnic (LSP) has provided us with an enough administration support.

Finally, Polimesin always try to be on the front to disseminate the widest mechanical engineering-related research work. At the same time, we never stop to find a way to make us recognized, indexed, and accredited by local, regional as well as the best international body. So, let acquire the highest possible benefit by publishing your work with us.