Recent Issue: It is a various branch and from multiple places

The journey of science has been very long in the field of mechanical engineering. Thousands of years ago, people began to ask how jobs involving force and displacement could be done in a more comfortable and more labour-efficient way. During that time, only a few mechanical engineering experiences were found to be adequately recorded, so that the next generation could use them. Furthermore, the discovery of related technology in remote areas, its spread becomes more difficult. Thus, Polimesin is here to bridge the gap in the dissemination of information on findings in the field, both those produced in the city and the town.

In this Polimesin issue, August 2020, contains a various branch of the mechanical engineering field and authors comes from multiple places in Indonesia. We found, one article sent from a historical city, Meulaboh, Aceh, the focus of a coconut milk production machine. Also, items related to the development of advanced materials, the use of pineapple fibre, are reported to come from Purwakarta, West Java. More complete, a simulation work for prosthetic which pays attention to help disabled people, was contributed from Malang City, East Java. Furthermore, more other articles to make this issue is exceptional for us.

Many people have supported the development of Polimesin until this issue. Noticeable, Reviewers are the essential part, so the publishing process starts from submission to being on the website as it is today, inseparable from their total contribution. Moreover, our authors who are responsive to revision also allow Polimesin to be useful as in our hand. To the authors and reviewers, your contribution is appreciated. Dear readers, please enjoy this issue, and We hope it is useful.