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Backyard Revolution

by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-10-30)

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The choices are few when it Backyard Revolution Review comes to looking at alternative ways to run your home on free electricity. Paying for electricity from the local utility company is becoming less popular as prices increase. Will it be wind, solar, geothermal or fuel cell technology that will power your home from near free energy? The country is paying more attention to these technologies as they see their home heating and cooling bills continue to rise. Within the current economic climate, every home owner is looking at ways to cut back and do their part in paying less for electricity and reducing greenhouse gases at the same time. Wind power is an accepted form of power generation but inconsistent in delivering energy to your home. Wind Turbines are more popular with farmers and landowners due to the neighbor effect. Having a wind turbine located in the typical suburban setting is usually not allowed due to noise levels and the visibility of larger towers being erected in backyards. With a wind turbine, the higher the tower, the more efficient the unit will operate. Winds over 60 feet are more substantial and even, providing a more consistent airflow and speed. Solar energy systems are another option to look into for free energy and are more popular in neighborhood settings. The sun that shines down on solar collectors will transfer the light energy into stored electricity. There is no noise to speak of, and the look and feel of solar panels can easily be blended into the home decor and landscape. Geothermal energy is another technology that is less common due to the proximity of hot water located below the surface. If you are fortunate to have a property located near such an area, you can take advantage of the steam generated from the hot water to turn electric motor which in turn generates electricity. This electricity again can be stored in batteries when needed. Fuel Cells are another up and coming technology that can extract hydrogen from other fuels to create energy for home usage. Fuel cell technology has been around for decades but has not reached critical mass as solar and wind generated electricity has now become.

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