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"Reta Masten" (2020-10-30)

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Shed your abdominal fats naturally by sticking to Circo2 your workout routines and a healthy diet plan. First of all, ensure that your diet helps you in increasing the mechanism of burning fats in your body. Increase your intake of fibrous food, vegetables and fruits. Take six or eight small meals instead of three king-size meals. You can also talk to your dietitian and opt for protein supplements in your diet chart. You must drink plenty of water; drinking at least ten glasses of water is absolutely necessary.Vertical leg crunch, bicycle crunch exercise, reverse crunch, basic abdominal crunch, long arm crunch, oblique crunch and crossover crunch are some of the best exercises that will let you mould your abs the way you want; try to include these crunches in your abdominal workout routines.Here are a few top lower abdominal exercises which are very easy to follow; include them in your workout routines to gain fantastic abs:Bend your knees and recline on your back. Your pelvis must be lifted up and tilted but your lower back must be in touch with the floor; breathe out slowly. Be in the position for five minutes and return to your initial posture. Repeat the pelvic thrust.

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