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Backyard Revolution

"Reta Masten" (2020-10-29)

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Although martial arts is an enjoyable and worthwhile Backyard Revolution pursuit, there are some variations which are infuriating to watch. You will see exhibitions where the student on display flawlessly executes various kicks and punches in a display of finesse that is awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, in practical terms it is absolutely useless. What's worse is that there are self defence training courses that actually think this is an acceptable method of defending yourself. Do you really think that anyone with intent to do you harm is going to grab a seat and applaud you while you pirouette through the air? They are far more likely to wait until you leave yourself open before doing serious damage to you.You may be told that sparring is an important part of self defense tactics. Although it is necessary to spar with someone to get the feel of actual combat, it is not particularly useful in a real life situation. Too often, either you or your sparring partner will pull their punches or deliberately miss so that you can perfect your repertoire of graceful evasive moves. The problem is that once again, your attacker will not be so kind and will delight in making contact with your face. Therefore, when sparring you need to inject a bit of spice and attack one another with venom, intending to do one another harm.

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