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"Reta Masten" (2020-10-21)

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As opposed to moving on in the spirit this is when Individualogist we decide to mentally make that stance or decision to move based on our worldly wisdom. For example we could be in a bad marriage and after tolerating this for a while decide to seek a divorce and move on. Our reasoning here is that things may not be working out to our liking so it is best for us to seek new pastures. This makes logical sense but is not necessarily spiritual. Our spiritual voice within us may be saying despite the tribulation we face the time to move on is wrong. It may be telling us to endure until the good days come because we signed up for the good and bad in the marriage. In another example we may be living in a house that is miles from our work place and is costing us more than what it is worth bearing in mind the inconvenience of travel. We may decide to move closer to work and save on these costs. In this instance we would find that spirit and mind are in synchrony because the logical sense also makes spiritual sense. In short we are not going against any of God's teachings by our actions.As human beings we have an inherent instinct of reacting to danger. We always want to look for the easiest way out. It is not a bad thing as it actually helps us avoid certain dangers like car accidents, unwarranted confrontations and other incidence that can be detrimental to our lives. Many stories have been told of people who escaped death by a whisker, when they narrate their stories they explain with great effort on how they managed to escape. Some just say they do not know what happened they just then woke up in hospital or they just remember voices of people assisting. It is at times like this that the in-built instinct to react to danger will not be the biggest asset to one's escape. A few can actually recall the wise move they made and give all the praises to their ability to make that wise move.

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