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"retamasten" (2020-04-18)

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Americans are the worst when it comes to gratitude. Meridian Health Protocol Review It's not that we intend to forget to say thank you for our blessings, but travel to any developing country where the citizens live in poverty, and you'll be grateful upon returning to the U.S. We live in a country where life's necessities are met for the majority of citizens. Our nation is so developed that immigrants worldwide long to live here. The majority of Americans do not live with disease and starvation. Most of us have never gone hungry, and have never been homeless. And yet, we forget our affluence, and complain. We complain because we compare. If the Joneses get a vacation, we deserve one, too. If they get a newer car, ours suddenly seems dingy. As a bumper sticker declared, "He who has the most toys, wins." This is what Capitalism has come to. Is our affluence that makes us greedy, or is it that our brain likes to compare? I have known wealthy people who were generous, and I have known poor people who were greedy. I believe what makes a person generous or greedy, complaining or content, is one ingredient, and that is gratitude.

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