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Protocole Contre Hypertension La

by Jerome Princy (2020-04-08)

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It is essential that you Protocole Contre Hypertension La Revue cease consuming alcohol, wine and/or caffeine, when diagnosed for hypertension. Add more minerals into your diet - especially potassium and calcium It has been discovered of late that lack of calcium or calcium deficiency might also lead to hypertension or high blood pressure among people. If you are diagnosed for hypertension, it is advisable that your daily consumption of foods include a good amount of calcium. Another important mineral that has been found effective in controlling hypertension is potassium. The ideal balance of salt and fluid content in potassium mineral has been found to be very effective in maintaining normal blood pressure. If you have hypertension, try to add more potassium mineral into your daily intake. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy products are good sources for potassium. Research studies have validated the fact that consumption of garlic lowers blood pressure. However, one has to be vary of eating garlic as it causes some minor problems. The primary problem is the unpleasant breath when one eats garlic and the second is the body odor. Some people resort to odorless garlic powder or some types of pills available in the medical stores but the results from these pills are not encouraging in controlling blood pressure. Eating fresh garlic, especially the bulbs, or cooking it lightly before consuming is ideal for reducing high blood pressure.

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