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A New one. Article using English in Journal of Polimesin

by A. Jannifar, Ph.D (2019-09-29)
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It is good news for us, that Journal of Polimesn (JPL) started to publish in English. The article with the title: Pla-zno nanocomposite paper for antimicrobial packaging application. Thank you Dr. Teuku Rihayat as the first author.

Choose the Right Components for Your Digital Circuits

by Barry Milvaz (2020-04-26)
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In this article, I need to go over two or three interesting points when picking parts for a computerized circuit. I'll examine distinctive equipment attributes of different coordinated circuits... Read more

Nhà biệt thự Vinhomes

by Viet Bat Dong San (2020-05-07)
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Phân khu nhà ở thấp tầng bao gồm nha phố và biet thu tại khu đô thị Hiện đại Vinhomes Grand Park dự kiên sẽ hút thị trường trong quý 2/2020. Khi Vinhomes đang gấp rút chuẩn bị cho việc bàn giao căn... Read more


by Mbah Semar (2020-05-19)
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varying ZnO nanoparticles

by sethal lison (2020-06-08)
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 varying ZnO nanoparticles

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