Indexing: Uploading printed ones

Since August 2003, Polimesin has published many printed Journal with the ISSN print, till we get an ISSN online last few years. Due to revolution 4.0 has been spread into business as well as the journal system in Indonesia, we already realized the importance of the online publication of the printed one. So, our reader can enjoy and get more benefit from Polimesin. For it, We involve many works such as: to open again our archive, to open the bidding, to scan it, to write the part of the title, abstract, and the references. Fortunately, we are completely happy to do it for our reader's sake.

A reader who becomes an author is our hope. Next with more articles they can find on our archives, will help the author to find a related reference in our journal, so it could be a mutual benefit for the author and the journal itself. It is about the citation, a future "playing field".