Teuku Mustaqim, Muhammad Jafar


The main aim of teaching English is to develop four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Speaking is one of the skills which should be developed in teaching English. The research instruments used to collect the data in this study were oral tests. The pre-test and the post-test were given to the experimental class and the control class. The data then were analyzed by using t-test formula. It was found that (1) there is a significant difference in speaking achievement between students taught by using TPR and those taught by conventional method, (2) the class taught by using TPR gets a better achievement in speaking skill than those taught by conventional method. It can be concluded that TPR is better than conventional method in teaching speaking. This is proved by the test result where t-test score is higher than t-table (11.36 Besides, the reseacher found that the mean scores of the two classes were different. The experimental class got a better mean score of the post-test (66.46) compared to the control class who got (56.00). TPR could improve students’ speaking skill than conventional method. It means that the use of TPR is more effective than that of conventional method in improving students’ speaking skill.


Key Words: Teaching, speaking, Total Physical Response (TPR)

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